Hemophilia is a rare inherited bleeding disorder. It is not permanently curable but treatable and manageable through careful medication and nursing. PWHs suffer from unexpected bleeding for days.

When a capillary is injured, blood leaks out. The capillary tightens up to slow down the bleeding. Then blood platelets form a plug to close the hole formed in the wall of the capillary. This is followed by a cascade action of not less than thirteen clotting factors (named using Roman Numerals) in blood plasma which give rise to a clot formed of fibrin over the plug. This clot makes the plug stronger and bleeding is arrested.

  • A call for help from a child or person with hemophilia (PWH) or with any other bleeding disorder may come to any of us.
  • Any one of us may meet a person with hemophilia during a journey.
  • We may have a class mate, a colleague or a neighbor with he mophilia or any other bleeding disorder.
  • So it is our moral obligation to be aware of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
A Bandage is not enough - World hemophilia day April 17


Dear Friend, You Can Help Us

Advise people showing signs of bleeding disorders and their family members to join us. Kindly make arrangements for medical attention when they meet with a crisis. Please inform us immediately. You can also provide the much needed help to PWHs by donation of blood, spreading awareness, procuring medicine and adopting a child with hemophilia by an annual contribution for medical treatment. Your donations to our society are exempted from income tax.

Thanking You.

General Secretary

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Prof. N N Gokuldas

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